About - Web push notifications

It was introduced by Chrome in 2015, it is considered to be one of the most effective tools of marketing. Web push notifications are clickable messages sent to subscriber’s browser. It can be opened on all devices- desktop, android mobile phones and tablets. Push notifications can be delivered to subscribers even when the browser closed.

It can only be sent to subscriber’s who have subscribed for it as one needs to opt in for it to receive notifications at regular intervals. With the use of web push notification the way of marketing and communicating with users has transformed in a positive manner as there is no need for an intermediate one can directly connect with users.

Types of Push Notifications

a) Web push notifications - are notifications sent to web browser. To receive notifications there is no need for an application to be made. It helps in contacting users who are not on registered on our website and bring them to our website.

b) In- app push notifications - are notifications received on mobile devices. It is sent from applications which are in use on your device.

Push notifications are used for targeting, engaging and retaining users. It majorly works in bringing traffic to the website which would lead to increase in sales and revenue generation.

How is it useful

Web push notification is easy when it comes to working on it as the process itself is simple to install and setup. One of the major benefit of it is that user can receive message anywhere if he is online on the browser. It is one of the most powerful channels for communicating with users as it is totally permission based once users have opted in to receive message then only notification are sent.

Importance for a Business
  • Subscriber’s on the go- every user is not comfortable in sharing personal information easily so push notification is a best way when it comes to communicating as there is no need to share personal information only a click to allow permission to receive notifications.
  • Visitors- just send message to returning visitors which will directly bring them back to your website & re- engage and lead to increase in traffic.
  • Better reach- it is much better to use push notification rather than SMS or Email as there is no chance of sending it to the spam folder, it is sent directly to the user screen
  • Higher response rates.

Industries using web push notifications are:
  • E-commerce
    Majorly used out of all the industries, as for some announcement may be for a new product or flash sale, offers or say as a reminder to let you know that your cart is pending with some products in it.
  • Travel
    To let know you that about travel deals or offers on it. As travelling is one passion that everyone would like to go for it.
  • Education
    To build a career in life is a motive in everyone’s life and for that good education system matters, so online thing is at boom as by sending subscribers notifications about new course or quiz coming up.
  • Job Offers
    Population is much more than the employment today so people find one or the other way to get themselves employed so job offers are sent through notifications to remind people about where currently vacancy is there.
  • Entertainment
    To a book a movie ticket booking it online makes a huge difference in rates as lots of offers are there and sent through notifications to let people earn the benefits.
How it works

Once the visitor visits the website at that moment itself the pop up message appears which ask for permission by the users to receive notifications.

If permission allowed then the user is converted to subscriber and added to the list as well and the push notifications are sent to them from your website and can be seen even when the website browser is not in use. Notification message can be customized accordingly and sent which will redirect them to the website.

While creating a web push notification message it is very important to be simple and clear enough to understand, concise but meaningful, create a sense of urgency (limited offer period).

Notifications are sent to users on the basis of segmentation which are as specified (interest, behavior) and also always keep in the mind the location, timings and what kind of message is it (promotional, weather update or latest news) because it creates a huge impact on the click rate.

Notifications should be sent on regular interval not too frequently as it should force subscriber to opt out of the list of receiving notifications.

There are various service providers who work for your business and bring it online by creating its presence.

Framework of Web Push Notification Message

4 key elements that make it up to a push notification message are-

  1. Link
    website link which through which the notification has been sent
  2. CTA
    call to action button, as only up to 2 button can be added in a notification can be used in chrome that too, it helps user to directly arrive at a landing page or say important social message.
  3. Icon
    create an icon to be sent with the notification as now a day lot of notifications are sent which people ignore reason being not of use so it is important to create something of your own to let people know it’s you and this notification is important.
  4. Image
    visuals create much more impact than written message, so banner images would help to communicate with user easily and would lead to more click through rates.
Delivering a Web Push Notification

There is a process for delivering a web push notification which is as follows-

Every browser has its own way of delivering notifications following a system like for chrome Google cloud messaging service, for safari apple push notification service and for firefox MDN service is used.

It is important for chrome and firefox to register the service worker on the browser by the developer itself.

Once the user allows the notification to be received (OPT IN) for a website then the subscription id is registered in the list of users receiving notification.

How to Add To The Website/ Web App?
  • Developers can go ahead with executing service workers for browsers and start the process.
  • With the help of application program interface website owners can send notification to get subscription done by the users
  • Web Push Notification are Supported by HTTP website or not?
Web Push Notification are Supported by HTTP website or not?

It is a two step process if website is working on HTTP protocol firstly the user has to get subscribed to a secure domain for push notification to be received and that leads to decrease in opt- in rates in comparison to HTTPS protocol.

Reaction of People Towards Web Push Notification

It is very important to understand that how many users are subscribing or opt in for web push notification. Every browser asks users to grant the permission for the notification and when asked for subscription it is important to see that is it right and according to one’s interest or not so that it doesn’t get blocked instead of subscribing for it.

Click through rate- to know how many clicks and on which specifically we are receiving more clicks. To calculate CTR: clicked notification/ delivered notification are used to see the effectiveness of a notification. For a notification to be a perfect one its content, time zone and users are to be targeted well. Targeting users is critical feature to be taken care of as to send notification it is to be seen that is it of people interest or not so that we get more conversion rate.

Elements of a Perfect Push Notifications
  • Opt-in should not be compulsory for users they can opt-out even when they wish too.
  • Content should be rich- it should include images, logo, and emojis to create a valuable impact on users to get attracted towards it.
  • Segmentation and personalization- to make it more worth using segment the users and send personalized messages so the chances of getting user subscribed to receive notification increases.
  • Time zone and location matters while sending notifications so that it doesn’t affect user’s daily routine and message are not ignored.
  • Add call to action button to help users get attracted towards it and make purchase.(discounts or special deals or offers.
  • Create a sense of urgency to let users know the importance of an offer or promotion sent through notification.
  • A/B testing- test before sending it to users, send to some specific ones and see to which message they respond more and which message works out the best.
Supporting Browsers

Desktop (Window)

Chrome, Firefox & opera.

(Mac OS)- Safari.

Mobile (Android)

Chrome, Firefox & opera.

(IOS)- Not supported

Technologies of Push Notifications

For push notification to be sent to user there is a technology behind it, how actually it works- for the first visitor to the app or website user is asked for the permission to send and receive notification from marketer’s end if permitted then the website or app functions in that way and start sending notification from there on.

For every marketer there is electronic service available for the same like iOS devices are connected to apple push notification service and android devices are connected to GCM and windows to Microsoft push notification service

Technologies used
GCM (Google Cloud Messaging

OIt was started in 2012, developed by Google. It is a mobile notification service that helps to send notification, updates and data or information by third party application developer to the targeted user.

FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)

It is a new platform developed by Google to replace GCM technology. It looks after sending messages between app server and client app; also it acts as a successor to GCM. There are three ways in which messages are delivered to apps: single devices, group of devices and devices which are subscribed to a specific topic. Even developer can customize messages on the basis of targeted users and send it, and track their engagement and conversion rate.

VAPID (Voluntary Application Server Identification

new way of sending and receiving web push notifications. Before this FCM and GCM were used to send notifications. VAPID helps as a security feature for application server as it identifies the push server and prevents from false servers and only original server are allowed to send notifications. With the help of VAPID delivery rate has also increased.

Statistics (AS Surveyed)

  • Crisp and refined information to make meaningful content conveyed properly (simple & direct).
  • Anyone can send notifications as there is no need for an app to send notifications.
  • Promote special offers & sales, highlight exciting new features.
  • Encourage in-app engagement.
  • Travel & weather updates.
  • Image based content to be more creative and unique to market your product.
  • Real time updates & news.
  • Permission based system to send notifications.
  • Opt in and Opt out option any time depending on user’s choice
  • Privacy protection - assured by Google and notification can only be sent through accepted domains only.
  • Direct connection with the users just to allow permission to send notifications.
  • Time efficient - simple and short with eye catchy heading and explanatory message.
  • Delivery is instant and on time.
  • High click through rates - conversion rate is much more than emails and other marketing tools.
  • Easy subscription - No personal information required just a click to allow sending notification and add them to the subscriber’s list.
  • Don’t overdo sending notification frequently to receive more opt- in, it may turn into opt outs as it distracts and irritate people from their work so just send it according to a particular time zone to avoid opt outs

  • Don’t overdo sending notification frequently to receive more opt- in, it may turn into opt outs as it distracts and irritate people from their work so just send it according to a particular time zone to avoid opt outs

  • Using same message for every target group is not a smart move to opt for.

Decisions (Make or Buy) Web Push Notification

For a website owner it is important to remember that making push notification would be a second business to take care of with utmost sincerity and resources in use with the ongoing business. It is important for you to take care of main business so that it doesn’t get affected and let the service providers whose main business is web push notification control it well as they will keep it updated as they know its do’s and don’ts.While selecting a service provider just a look some points to be considered-

Security of user’s data, push notification should be of rich content (shirt & simple) Call to action button, images, logo, support, application program interface, analysis report, segmentation (time, location & targeting) and pricing


Marketing is all about delivering right message to right people at right place and at right time. Every push notification a user gets should feel like it is just for them that means a sense of customization according to user needs.

Web push notifications are most innovate way to communicate with users. Push notifications can be the best way out to create a market presence by using proper use of notifications to make visitors our subscriber (new visitor to returning visitor). It has many advantages over other marketing channels when it comes to sending notifications as it is real time based. It helps business to create sales which will lead to success & growth and automatically generate revenue because response rate & conversion rate is much more when it comes to push notifications as a marketing strategy.